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To explore and understand the sense of this matter – more than one life should we spend in camps – in those camps, in which one cannot serve even one year … because those camps were created for EXTERMINATION” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn “The Gulag Archipelago”

People young and strong, who hate bondage, always try to escape” – Slavomir Rawicz “The Long Walk”

Fortitude, courage and, above all, craving for freedom. Is there a better material for a narrative story? Especially, if it’s real… Yakutsk and Kolkata. Siberian wilderness covered with snow and exotic India, vibranting with life. And between them, inaccessible mountain peaks, deserts burnt by the sun, endless steppes and wild taiga. Lands, exceptionally difficult to travel even for a contemporary wanderer. But it is that “world apart,” through which in 1940 the group of fugitives from Soviet forced-labor camp broke. They didn’t have neither equipment nor experience, and more than 6000 kilometers of walking roaming before them. Impossible? Yet true! The story of Polish officer, Witold Gliński, described by Slavomir Rawicz in The Long Walk had really taken place. Their roaming became an example of an unrestrained will to survive that lies dormant in a human. In 2010 Peter Weir’s movie “The Way Back”, inspired by that events, will be released. We, while organizing “Long Walk Expedition,” want to remind of that extraordinary feat and, travelling on foot, horseback and by bike, cover the distance from Yakutsk do Kolkata, following tracks of the “long walk.” Our expedition will be a tribute paid not only to the characters of the book, but also to all of those, who didn’t manage to escape from that “inhumane land.”

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